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This is the story of our PowerPoint agency located in Paris.

In 2013, Arnaud Longueville was in his final year of college, with an internship at the French Federation of Retail Investors France Angels, where he participated in the organization of numerous fundraising events. Arnaud was then immersed in the ecosystem of entrepreneurial financing, Business Angels and the now famous “pitch decks”.

The origins of our PowerPoint agency

Among the start-ups that do not get the funding they hoped for, many fail to win over investors because of the poor quality of their presentations. He was convinced that some projects are misunderstood and can make better use of their fundraising potential if they have more stylized, structured, paced, understandable, clear and impactful PowerPoint presentations.

Arnaud decided to offer these start-ups to possibility of having their PowerPoint presentations designed, in order to provide them with a quality document and thus potentially raise the desired funds more easily.

Our very first slides


Arnaud, Co-founder of M PREZ

After attending so many pitching sessions, Arnaud knows how to identify what works and what doesn’t during a presentation. The help he provides on the structure as well as the form of the PowerPoint presentation proves to be a key success factor.

His clients present better, are more easily understood and more convincing. A quality PowerPoint presentation allows the speaker to feel more confident, to capture the attention of their audience, even to dote their project with a little more credibility in the eyes of investors.

With the very first customers, the ROI on outsourcing a quality PowerPoint presentation becomes evident.

Customer satisfaction is such that without any marketing effort, the demand for Arnaud’s PowerPoint creation services naturally increased.


The birth of our PowerPoint agency, Mister Prez, in Paris

In order to cope with the growing volume of work, and to bring a more artistic and technical dimension to his PowerPoint services, which until then had been very business-oriented, Arnaud decided to join forces with Antoine Blanc, a lover of detail and design, to create one of the very first PowerPoint agencies in Paris: Mister Prez.


Antoine and Arnaud, Founders of the PowerPoint agency

The PowerPoint agency Mister Prez very quickly became an expert agency in PowerPoint presentations in Paris and all throughout France.

Mister Prez got it and so did our clients: the impact of a quality PowerPoint presentation is not only measurable during a fundraising event, but also during client meetings, during events or a convention, during a call for bids, or to present a company’s business strategy and financial results.

From marketing action plans to employee trainings, the client profiles of our PowerPoint agency Mister Prez diversified and multiplied.

Mister Prez now designs PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote presentations for clients of all types and sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, agencies and SMEs.  Various professions as well as many types of industries gradually joined our PowerPoint agency clientele.

A sign of our clients’ satisfaction: 90% of our PowerPoint agency’s assignments come from recurrence or recommendation.

With loyal clientele and a desire to bring the PowerPoint presentation to the same level as other communication tools, Mister Prez recruited additional talents to include highly qualified graphic designers, and thus increase once again the quality of its PowerPoint formatting services.


400 client references later, the PowerPoint agency Mister Prez becomes M PREZ

M PREZ is now a PowerPoint agency with more than 10,000 presentations to date, the quality of which is increasing with each day, fuelled by its ever-growing business experience and customer feedback, and thanks to an increasingly qualified and specialised staff: at M PREZ, PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote expertise is combined with software for creating and editing images, animations and videos, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and Indesign. This range of skills allows our agency M PREZ to offer PowerPoint presentations and slides of increasingly high standard.

Our PowerPoint Agency services always include unlimited adjustments and unbeatable reactivity, allowing us to achieve a customer satisfaction rate close to 100%.

Our PowerPoint M PREZ agency is located in Paris, where our team travels to our clients’ premises when the situation necessary, to further ensure proximity, reactivity or confidentiality. Our team of PowerPoint designers also works all over France, in home office, and is now starting to internationalize.

Since the beginning of the adventure, customer service has been the #1 success factor of our PowerPoint agency M PREZ ,and this is still true today.


M PREZ is now a PowerPoint agency with a staff of 15 graduates from leading design and business schools, creating the perfect synergy between Project Managers and Artistic Directors, all here to support your presentations.

Whether for strategic, sales, bidding proposals, events or employee training PowerPoint presentations, whether you will present in person or remotely, our PowerPoint agency M PREZ helps you improve your presentation in order to help you achieve your objectives.